DIY Lightning Fast

Cost: $650 / wk

Time to Value: 3-5 Weeks

Who is this for?

You have technically savvy team members, and maybe they have some familiarity with Salesforce from past roles. Or you simply trust that they can learn and figure it out on their own. GREAT! Having an internal expert will be a huge advantage to you after go-live. HOWEVER, there are many mistakes that new learners will make in setting up a system, and at some point down the road you will end up either paying a lot of money to start over with a fresh org, or untangle the accidents that were left as part of your foundational architecture.

We specialize in coaching your resources through what they need to learn, where and how to learn it, how to approach the implementation, architecture reviews, mapping native solutions to your businesses needs, and much more. We will meet with them daily and help ensure their success, and that of the business as a whole.

If that sounds great, it should.

But now a few words of caution: this approach will fail if you do not dedicate this resource to the task, or if they are not passionate about the project and learning new skills. They will need to learn a new platform as well as actively do the work to implement it. That typically means a full-time resource (or more) is focused on your implementation for 3-5 weeks (and that is assuming we are coaching them - plan longer if they fly solo). This can’t be a secondary priority or pet project. Your resource is going to need to focus entirely on Salesforce, or else your implementation will lag, and the total cost will become very large.

Make no mistake that this approach is an investment in your people. It is not a cost saving measure in the short term (it is definitely cheaper to let an expert knock it out). It is a cost saving measure over the long term, and should be treated as a 1-2 year investment in your resource.

If that is your goal, let’s talk about the right schedule for our coaching. We typically will coach consistently through the implementation period, and then periodically (one week out of each quarter) thereafter to help your new expert keep driving additional value. But we can tailor the schedule to your needs.

What’s Included

DIY Lightning Fast

  • Initial preparation guide to getting your resource started with Salesforce

  • Daily 1 hour coaching sessions with your resource for the weeks decided on together

  • During sessions we cover the following as needed, giving specific next steps and assignments to your resource:

    • Project approach and methodology

    • Business analysis and process optimization

    • Solution design

    • Configuration and customizations

    • Business and technical best practices

    • Dev ops / release management

    • Training and documentation

  • We report on your resource back to you, so that you know each week if they are keeping up on their assignments, hitting key project milestones, and performing as expected

  • We treat your resource like he is one of our own consultants, learning to build amazing solutions on the Salesforce platform