Lightning Fast Service

Cost: $3800

Time to Value: 2 Weeks

Who is this for?

Small businesses looking to quickly set up a single business unit on Salesforce. Typically you are purchasing Professional Edition Sales Cloud licenses, but we offer the same services bundle to anyone looking to get a single business unit moving lightning fast on Service Cloud. From our mobilization meeting to go-live, we schedule our entire process to take approximately two weeks, so that you start getting value out of your new system right away.

What’s Included

Lightning Fast Essentials

  • Access to our proven Salesforce implementation methodology and templates

    • Mobilization template

    • Communication plan

    • Discovery preparation template

    • Data templates

  • Users and permissions (sharing and security)

  • 1 Custom App

  • 1 Customized Home Page

  • Chatter - up to 5 collaboration groups (including a help group and a suggestion group)

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Activities

  • Metrics (Reports and Dashboards)

Lightning Fast Service

  • Cases

  • Social Customer Service (2 total accounts from twitter and/or facebook)

  • Web-to-Case

  • Email-to-Case On Demand


Lightning FasT Add-Ons

  • Post Go-Live Support Package ($1000) recommended

    • We'll stay with you to help update the system, drive adoption, and plan your roadmap for the month following go-live

    • Weekly support meetings for one month following go-live (1.5 hours long) to be used for the following common needs

      • Review adoption metrics with leadership

      • Plan improvements and changes to the system to increase productivity

      • Administer users and make changes to system as needed

      • Review training topics as needed

      • Train internal admin on basic administrative functions

  • Data Migration ($200/hr)

    • Whether your data is in spreadsheets, another database, or an old CRM, let us help you with some or all of the steps to get it into its new home - Salesforce.

      • Mapping - deciding what data points needs to come into salesforce, and which field in salesforce they will live in

      • Extraction - pulling data out of its current location

      • Transformation - changing the format of the data so that it can be loaded into Salesforce

      • Loading - Inserting the data into Salesforce

  • Process Automation ($1000)

    • One process builder (or other automation tool where available) to automate an interaction, such as automatically creating or updating records at key points in a process

  • Smb Apps ($1000)

    • Installation and configuration of any smb app available on the app store